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fring is a P2P Mobile VoIP based internet telephony network founded by Avi Shecter, formerly co–CEO of ICQ and a VP at AOL[1] co-founded by Boaz Zilberman[2] and Alex Nerst. fring enables users to talk and chat with presence using Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN messanger, Yahoo! Messanger, AIM and SIP providers[3]. fring is headquartered in Israel, and has representation in Italy, UK and Germany.


fring launched its P2P service during January 2007, offering MoIP (mobile VoIP) [4] talk and chat over mobile phones via 3G[5], GPRS or Wi-Fi Internet connections[6]. fring based communication utilizes existing 3G data plans instead of GSM (talk) minutes. [7] [8]


Handset software This native MoIP solution uses a proprietary adaptive protocol which optimizes itself to network capabilities and characteristics. The thin client consumes minimum network requirements, battery and memory consumption.


All fring calls are routed to a VoIP gateway and PSTN termination server. Calls destined to GSM and PSTN networks pass through a circuit switch such as Skype or SIP. Calls to VoIP users continue through the VoIP gateway to their destinations.


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fring call Nokia N73

  • Mobile VoIP communication.
  • Interconnects with PC VoIP applications, including Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk.
  • PSTN and GSM lines using SkypeOut or SIP termination
  • Text chat between Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, Mxit and Twitter
  • Real time presence indication

Major eventsEdit

  • January 2007: fring launched
  • March 2007: Named in the 2007 pulver 100 list. [9]
  • March 2007: One of the winners of The Red Herring 100 Europe 2007 awards. [10]
  • May 2007: Launches customised mVoIP for Cloud users
  • June 2007: fring available on Windows Mobile [11]
  • August 2007: fring enables ICQ chat and talk
  • August 2007: fring completes 2nd round funding
  • August 2007: fring available on UIQ [12]

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